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Create you own flowchart PPT slide by using our Handshake curved line free Flow chart PowerPoint Templates. We have best and illustrative process workflow PPT templates for your

Download and use this beautiful Handshake curved line Flow chart PPT template in your presentation. Our infographic FLow Chart and process flow charts designs templates are colorful and elegant. Handshake curved line PPT template can be useful in creating business flowchart slide, process flowhchart slide, Roadmap slidestyle etc,.

Moreover, Simple Data Flow Diagram PPT PowerPoint Design comes with a visually appealing theme. Importantly, all our templates are 100% editable and user can customize it as per their requirement. Basically, you can change PPT color theme of this template basis your presentation style. For more Data Flow Diagram like this, Visit Sample Process FLow Chart Example .

Handshake curved line Simple design is highly recommended for creating process flow or decision making flow chart.

In case, you want to add Best work flow diagrams PPT slide and designs, do visit our other pages. Also, if you want to explore more PowerPoint Theme based Presentation templates, Check out PPTXtemplates.

When to use process flow chart or data flow diagram or working flow

  • -To Ease of understanding of how a process works
  • -To identify process for improvement
  • -To communicate to audience how a process is done
  • -For easy connecting of different process
  • -for ease of decision making
  • -to prepare approval work flow
  • -When better communication is needed between people involved with the same process
  • -To document a process
  • -When planning a project

How to create a flowchart? learn basic procedure

  • [-Define the process to be Designed. You need to write its title at the top of the slide, so that people can understand through its heading.
  • -Decide on the boundaries of your process. i.e. Where or when does the process start?. And, Where or when does it end? Finalize on the level of detail to be included in the diagram.
  • -Brainstorm the Process activities that take place.
  • -Then you need to arrange the activities in proper sequence so that it makes sense.
  • -Draw arrows to show the flow of the process.
  • -Discuss and agree the flowchart with others involved in the process (workers, supervisors, suppliers, customers) .

How can a Flow Chart PPT Template be used in Presentations?

The best approach to presenting flowcharts is using a hierarchical presentation and the use of hyperlinks to connect the slides. In the first slide, the presenter should describe the high level flow chart. This chart should only contain the macro process, and use one “process” box to describe sub processes (sub processes can also be big). Then the presenter will create one slide per sub process. In this way the presenter can navigate into low level detail and high level detail.

Moreover, we need to provide facts and figures in our presentation which should be very simple and easy to read. In fact, it should be visually appealing that audience can understand just by reviewing it. Because, if you show these information in a table format, it will bore the audience , thus resulting in the presentation fails. Hence, this timeline PPT design can enhance the objective of the Presentation by delivering the information in a modern, and professional way.

Features of this Diagram Design

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  • -Supported Applicable software: PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013/wps office/office 365/Google slides

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