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Free Powerpoint Template for Renewable Resource

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About this PPT Template Renewable Resource

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Renewable Resource:  is a Free PowerPoint Presentation Template based on Renewable power Generation, or say, Sustainable Development. This template has in-built infographic designs and Green background. Thus, it enables the presenter to show various aspects your presentation.

What are Renewable Resources?

Renewable Resources Presentation

Renewable energy, often said as clean energy. It comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. For an example, sunlight or wind keep shining and blowing. whether or not their availability depends on time and weather.

Types of Renewable Energy Sources

  1. Solar Energy: Humans are harnessing energy for thousands of years. For e.g. growing crops, stay warm, and dry foods. You know, “more energy from the sun falls on the planet in one hour than is utilized by everyone within the globe in one year.” Today, we use the sun’s rays in some ways. for instance, heat our homes and businesses, to warm water, or power devices.
  2. Wind Energy: We’ve come an extended way from old-fashioned wind mills. In fact, Today turbines are as tall like skyscrapers with large fan blades. As a result, wind energy turns a turbine’s blades. Thus, it feeds an electrical generator and produces electricity.
  3. Hydroelectric Power : Hydropower is that the largest renewable energy source for power generation. Though, wind energy is new and future power. Hydropower generation from water. Typically, fast-moving water in large river or rapidly descending water from a high altitude. It converts the force of that water, so on generate electricity by spinning a generator’s turbine blades.
  4. Biomass Energy:  Biomass is organic material that comes from plants and animals. It includes crops, waste wood, and trees. When biomass is burned, the energy is released as heat. Thus,  it generates electricity with a turbine.
  5. Geothermal Energy :The earth’s core is hot even as the sun’s surface. thanks to slow decay of radioactive particles at the center of the world. Drilling deep wells brings highly pressured underground water to the surface as a hydrothermal resource. Which is then pumped through a turbine to create electricity.
  6. Ocean: The Tidal and wave energy continues to be in an developmental phase. But, the ocean will always be ruled by the moon’s gravity, which makes harnessing its power a good option.

Fun Facts: 

Energy research to mark Zero Emissions Day, 21 Sept 2021


What is Carbon Emission Reduction—Carbon Tax, Carbon
Trading, and Carbon Offset?


The Paris Agreement was signed by 195 nations in December 2015 to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change following the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. In Article 2 of the Paris Agreement, the increase in the global average temperature is anticipated to be held to well below 2 ◦C above pre-industrial levels, and efforts are being employed to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 ◦C. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides information on emissions of the main greenhouse gases. It shows that about 81% of the totally emitted greenhouse gases were carbon dioxide (CO2), 10% methane, and 7% nitrous oxide in 2018. Therefore, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (or carbon emissions) are the most important cause of global warming. The United Nations has made efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or mitigate their effect. In Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, three cooperative approaches that countries can take in attaining the goal of their carbon emission reduction are described, including direct bilateral cooperation, new sustainable development mechanisms, and non-market-based approaches.

The World Bank stated that there are some incentives that have been created to encourage carbon emission reduction, such as the removal of fossil fuels subsidies, the introduction of carbon pricing, the increase of energy efficiency standards, and the implementation of auctions for the lowest-cost renewable energy. Among these, carbon pricing refers to charging those who emit carbon dioxide (CO2) for their emissions, including carbon taxes, emissions trading systems (ETSs), offset mechanisms, results-based climate finance (RBCF), and so on. In view of the urgent need for carbon emission reduction, this special issue collects 19 related papers concerning carbon emission reduction by using various models and methods.

How to get renewable energy presentation

Renewable energy Image

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This Presentation template is fully customizable as per the requirement. You can change the color schemes, icons, and text boxes. You can explore other pages in Slides Geek to explore various designs related to timeline, business agenda, process flow etc. Including those unique and professional infographic designs can enhance the visualization of your presentation created with this free pptx template. Create best presentation and slide decks using Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.


Rules & Tips for Building Powerful & Engaging Presentation Slides

  • Start with writing your speech outline, not with creating slides
  • Use more images and fewer text
  • Use high-quality images
  • Keep the main target on YOU and your presentation, not the PowerPoint
  • Your presentation should be legible from anywhere within the room

Best Practice PowerPoint Presentation Tips

  • Use the same Presentation Design
  • One Topic Per Slide
  • Avoid information overwhelm by using the “Rule of Three”
  • Display one bullet at a time

Key Blunders to Avoid

  • Avoid unnecessary animations
  • Only add content that supports your small print
  • Do not use PowerPoint as a teleprompter
  • Never Give Out Copies of the Presentation

Tips to creating Your Presentation More Engaging

  • Re-focus the eye on you by fading into blackness
  • Change the tone of your voice when presenting
  • Host an expert discussion panel
  • How To Make Your Presentation More Interactive
  • Ask questions
  • Embed videos
  • Use live polling to urge instant feedback and have interaction the audience

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